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3 Reasons You Need 15% minoxidil Products

hair lossWhen it comes to using 15% minoxidil products, it's always best to save the high dosage as a last resort. But for some men, starting a regimen with 15% minoxidil might be the best chance for hair growth. So when exactly should you order it before others? Here are a two things to keep in mind when considering the high dose.

15% minoxidil is your best bet when 5% or 10% percent solutions show little or no change in your baldness. It is recommended to anyone trying minoxidil for their hair loss that you must first try 5% or 10% minoxidil before you go reaching for the 15% bottle. Most men will see great results with the smaller dosage, seeing their hair grow back within 2 months of using the solution. Xandrox's special formula also helps grow thicker hairs, so any new growth could easily blend in with older hair. The main reason why men should start with a small dosage is to reduce any unfortunate side effects: sometimes, a strong minoxidil solution can cause itchiness, dry scalp, or sensitivity in users. By starting off with something small, you will see little side effects if your scalp happens to be sensitive to the formula.

15% minoxidil provides the best results for someone starting a minoxidil prescription with later stages of hair loss. Many men do not hear about the effectiveness of minoxidil as a preventative measure to hair loss, until it is too late. While 5% and 10% minoxidil can recover most hair lost by men who start early or mid-way through their hair loss stages, men who experience a greater degree of loss or baldness are likely to benefit from the strong dose of minoxidil. Again, one should exercise caution when starting minoxidil at a high percentage, in case one's scalp becomes irritated from the solution.

To buy 15% minoxidil, contact us. We can help you get the right dose for your hair loss needs, and get you started on taking back control over your head.