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Top Holiday Hair Loss Products for Men

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, especially for the special man in your life. Actually, with Xandrox as the top hair loss product for men, why not give the gift that keeps on giving as early as now, so that your man can have hair growing in by Christmas dinner? It's something that many [...]

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3 Main Reasons For Hair Loss in Women, And Their Solutions

Hair loss in women is not uncommon, but the reasons for hair loss can vary for each person. Here are 3 top reasons why you might be experiencing hair loss, and the solution to each one. Female Patterned Hair Loss: A hereditary cause for hair loss, it affected thousands of women daily. The only known, healthy solution [...]

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The Hair Issues 15% minoxidil Products Solve

One person's hair loss is not the same for another person's unique hair loss problem. This means that it's silly to expect that the same minoxidil-based solution will be able to bring on the hair growth for every person the same way. For men, using the same Rogaine product might not give you the same [...]

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What To Pair With Minoxidil For Hair Loss

Fighting hair loss can be a straightforward game: when you have the right products in your arsenal. To get to the roots of hair loss, you'll definitely need minoxidil as part of your daily routine, but what else should you do to achieve the best results? Here are a few tips to use in conjunction with your daily minoxidil [...]

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How to Get The Best Results From Hair Loss Product Technology

If you've taken the first step to buying hair loss product technology like Xandrox, congratulations! As with any hair loss treatment, the first step is be proactive and buy a minoxidil-based product to help you achieve your hair growth goals. But once you have Xandrox in your hands, what is the best way to see results? Here's [...]

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The Science Behind Xandrox's Special Formula

When it comes to hair loss, Xandrox is a top hair product that solves hair loss using a unique blend of ingredients to support the effects of minoxidil. Overall, the solution gives users improved hair growth results, especially for those who are experiencing heavy hair loss due to hereditary hair loss genes. Here's the science behind the [...]

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Best Hair Loss Products and Tips for Men

Up to 40% of all men will experience hair loss, at any point of time in their lives. So what is the best way to prevent significant hair loss? Here are our top best hair loss products and tips for men to make sure you keep growing healthy hair without stop. 1. Use Xandrox regularly. As minoxidil is [...]

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10% Minoxidil Products, Greater Chance of Hair Growth

When it comes to some of the toughest cases of hair loss, it's important to bring out the big guns. As the most effective serums for hair loss and thinning on the market, men experiencing hair loss should use a minoxdil-based formula to see real results. But most formulas only contain 2% or 5% minoxidil [...]

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Three Tips to Reduce or Eliminate the Natural Cycle of Hair Loss in Women

A confident person has a greater chance of being happy compared to a non-confident person. While there are many factors that determine a person’s level of confidence, appearance is a rather important one. Hair loss in women is not that uncommon, and it can be difficult to handle. If you have personal experience with this, you should [...]

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Options for Prescription Hair Loss Products

Hair loss affects nearly 85% of men and 40% of women. Though the problem is so wide-spread, medical science has not made available prescription hair loss products in any significant quantity. There are only two medications approved by the FDA to treat male hair loss, and only one to treat female hair loss. Ironically, neither treatment was [...]

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