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What About Women And Their Hair Loss Issues?

While the media is flooded with information about male hair loss and solutions, very little attention is given to women and hair loss issues. It's both genders who face hair loss and all the frustrations that go along with it. For women hair loss can result from genetics. Just like male pattern baldness, there is also female [...]

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3 Reasons You Need 15% minoxidil Products

When it comes to using 15% minoxidil products, it's always best to save the high dosage as a last resort. But for some men, starting a regimen with 15% minoxidil might be the best chance for hair growth. So when exactly should you order it before others? Here are a two things to keep in mind when [...]

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Women and Hair Loss Issues Resulting from Age

It's a defining moment in any woman's life. You pull out your old high school yearbook, maybe to research a friend you want to reconnect with, perhaps just to reminisce. And while you're flipping through the pages, you come upon a photo of a smiling senior with an incredible head of hair. It's you. Not bad, [...]

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Allay Anxiety with the Best Hair Loss Products for Women

For many women, hair loss is something to be dreaded.  If hair loss runs in your family, you’re constantly looking out for signs that you’re going to start losing hair, once you enter your thirties and forties.  However, given that our technology is now advanced enough to prevent and reverse hair loss, you don’t have [...]

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Don’t Get Self-Conscious, Negative or Obsessed: Use the Best Hair Loss Products for Men

What do the best hair loss products for men have in common?  To answer this, you have to recognize that not everyone has the same type of hair loss problem.  Different people are at different stages of hair loss.  So they need different types of hair loss products.  Plus, each person might be looking for something different [...]

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Problems with Hair Loss in Women

There are many problems that arise from hair loss in women. Identity Many women treasure their hair. Hair styles both good and bad that women get are remembered for years. Hair is often an important part of identity in women. It is tied to your personality. It can evolve as you age and mature. Losing your hair can be like [...]

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Myths About Minoxidil: Debunked

Hair loss is a reality for many men, with men over 50 suffering from some sort of hair loss. A large percentage of women also experienced diffused hair loss later in their life. Many of the products used to help alleviate the effects of hair loss are just snake oils - gimmicks that feed into your [...]

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5% Minoxidil Products: For The First Signs of Hair Loss

Men with male-patterned baldness know that hair loss is inevitable: whether it starts in their early twenties, or they only see signs around their forties, the signs--spots of baldness, a receding hairline, and more hair in the drain or sink--are plain to see. So what is the best solution for stemming this type of loss, [...]

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Hair Loss in Women

When women start losing hair, it’s generally easy to cover it up, because women usually have long hair.  So if your hair starts thinning, it’s not visible immediately in the form of bald patches like men.  However, it’s always best to start taking care of your hair early so that you can catch hair loss [...]

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Get the George Clooney Look with the Best Hair Loss Products for Men

You might want to grow old gracefully but this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through hair loss.  You can still maintain a full head of hair as you grow old by getting one of the best hair loss products for men.  Even though you might be in your forties or fifties, you can still [...]

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