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What is Minoxidil?

When it comes to hair-loss products, minoxidil is the best, proven prescription that can stunt the loss of hair while regrowing new hair for both men and women. But what, exactly, is minoxidil, and how does it work? Minoxidil is an FDA-approved drug that can stop male and female patterned baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This is hereditary, [...]

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Women and Hair Loss Issues - Losing Confidence

There are many hair loss issues for women. A major part of hair loss can be the loss of confidence along with it.Hair is a major part of many women's lives. I remember taking great pride in learning to take care of my hair as a child. Hairstyles are a major part of your appearance and [...]

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Childbirth-A Common Cause of Hair Loss in Women

Most women are familiar with the concept that their hair may be more beautiful than ever during pregnancy, but many women are not as familiar with the effects that childbirth can have on their tresses and some of the effects may come as a surprise. During pregnancy, many women experience a fuller, more luxurious head of [...]

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Why Should Women Use 2% minoxidil Products?

When looking at the technology for hair loss on the market, typically women are only given 2% minoxidil products. Why is 5%, 10% or even 15% minoxidil not prescribed to women, even if they are undergoing late-stage hair loss?To begin, it's important to first understand how the biology of men and women differ, in order to [...]

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3 Ways for Women to Stop Balding

Last week, we addressed how men could stop balding. But women can experience balding at almost any age as well, and for any reason. Here are 3 additional steps women can take to stop balding, either prematurely or in late stage hair loss.1. Get a doctor's diagnosis. If you are in the beginning stages of hair loss, it's important [...]

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Solving Common Hair Loss Issues for Women

Like many men, women suffer from hair loss and thinning, but unfortunately, the topic is not discussed as openly. Causes for hair loss in women include: Genetic: Women also experience female patterned baldness, and the results of this androgenetic alopecia usually arise when women are in their 50s or 60s. It can happen at any time [...]

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4 Ways to Stop Balding: For Men

Balding can cause a low-self-esteem in some men, but it doesn't have to. If you want to stop balding and return to a more confident man, here are 4 ways to take control of you scalp and end hair loss. 1. Diagnose hair loss early. If you are just starting to see your hair thinning out, it's time to [...]

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Top Hair Loss Products for Men This Father's Day

According to the American Hair Loss Association, as much as 95% of men experiencing hair loss is due to male pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia). If that male in your life is struggling with hair loss, we have a solution for you. For this coming          Father's Day (June 21), giving one of the top [...]

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What Are the Best Available Prescription Hair Loss Products - and Are They Worth It?

Losing your hair is never fun. In fact, it can wreak havoc on your self-esteem, and make you feel powerless to stop it. That's why there are so many available prescription hair loss products. These manufacturers know how important hair is to self-image, and they're trying to capitalize on that fact. Are these prescription products the answer to [...]

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Hair Loss Product Technology: It Has Come a Long Way Since the 1800s!

Hair loss product technology has come a long way since the snake oil salesmen days of the 19th and 20th Centuries. In those times, men and women were never quite sure of how the hair loss products were made and if they were safe to use. Plus, they only had the word of traveling salespeople to [...]

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