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Keeping Up Your Hair's Health With 5% Minoxidil Products

hair lossIf you are currently in your 30s or 40s, and still have a great head of hair, you're probably hoping to see it remain on your head over the next few decades. BUt for men with male-patterned hair loss, you your scalp might actually be meeting its peak in hair growth before you start to see the early stages of your hereditary hair loss. What's the best way to avoid this scenario? You can keep your hair for longer with 5% minoxidil products.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell when your hair loss has begun, especially if you have a lot of hair on your head. But starting a minoxidil-based treatment too late can take a long period of applying minoxidil in order to get the results you truly want. That's why it's better to take a preventative approach, especially as you get older and have the knowledge that your hair loss is just around the corner. 5% minoxidil-based hair products are proven to be effective in retaining and growing hair for those who experience hair loss from genetic reasons. The small dosage is usually enough for most scalps to start to see a positive change in their hair loss status, and it will not negatively affect the hair that is already on your head. 

By applying 5% minoxidil to your scalp before you see hair loss, you're taking a good preventative step to maintaining your current amount of hair, before it starts to fall out. To learn more about how Xandrox's formula can keep your hair looking great, contact us.