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Myths About Minoxidil: Debunked

hair lossHair loss is a reality for many men, with men over 50 suffering from some sort of hair loss. A large percentage of women also experienced diffused hair loss later in their life. Many of the products used to help alleviate the effects of hair loss are just snake oils - gimmicks that feed into your insecurity with the promise of restoring dead hair follicles. One of the only medically supported way of restoring hair loss is with the use of minoxidil based products. There are many myths and half-truths when it comes to fixing hair loss. Here are some of these myths, so you will be able to differentiate the lies from the truth.

1. Baldness Comes From Your Mother: This is inherently false - the propensity of hair loss is closely tied to your genes - genes from your family; past and present. Looking at your mother's hairline is not a 100% accurate way of prediction hair loss. To somewhat quantify your chances of hair pattern baldness, it's best to observe hair loss from various members of your family, including different generations. You will have a higher chance of hair loss if several members of your family suffer from it.

2. Your Hair Will Be Dependent on Minoxidil. Many people who delve into products made with minoxidil think that their hair will be dependent on it, for the rest of their follicular lives. Products with 5% minoxidil are the norm, with very high success rate. Specialty products are formulated with a higher concentration, noting consistently favorable results. Minoxidil works by stimulating hair follicles, encouraging current hair to grow thicker, and potentially rejuvenating hair follicles. After you have reached an appropriate level of hair growth, minoxidil can be used at an as-needed basis for maintenance.

3. Minoxidil Will Increase Hair Loss: Many people who use higher concentrations of minoxidil will note that their hair is actually shedding more. This is actually normal - it is making way for hair strands that are more robust. It actually means that the active ingredient is working. In an age of instant gratification, minoxidil users may be turned off by the initial effects of minoxidil. After several months, you will see hair that is akin to peach fuzz, with stronger, reinforced hair growing in soon after.

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