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Stop Balding: 3 Signs of Hair Loss for Women

hair lossEveryday, you lose hair naturally--that's just how hair growth cycles work. But most women might not know the signs to their hair loss, or how to distinguish it from natural loss. The best way from a woman to stop balding is to pick up on hair loss as soon as it occurs. Here are 3 tells that your hair loss is an increasing problem, and what to do to stop it.

1. Pay attention. The hardest part about women's hereditary hair loss is noticing it happening. This is because it usually happens gradually, with thinning not taking a clear form. The first step to take is to be aware of the problem, and assess your head every few months. As you begin to notice your hair coming out little by little, you can begin a minoxidil treatment.

2. Look for certain patterns. Sometimes, your scalp might shed hair in a particular pattern. Women might typically see hair loss occurring in an evergreen tree pattern, or seeing loss around the top and part of their hair. If you do not see these patterns, it does not mean that your hair is not thinning out--you could be thinning more gradually or in other places.

3. Get a doctor's opinion. If you think you are losing your hair, see a doctor to learn about your hair loss. This is especially important if you do not know whether or not you suffer from hereditary hair loss, or are seeing drastic changes to your hair growth. Sometimes, hair loss is caused by stress or nutritional deficiencies, so getting a professional opinion can help you with your hair loss strategy.

The best way to keep your hair loss from spreading is to start today with a minoxidil-based solution. To learn more about our 2% solution for women that will stem loss and regrow hair, contact us.