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What To Pair With Minoxidil For Hair Loss

hair lossFighting hair loss can be a straightforward game: when you have the right products in your arsenal. To get to the roots of hair loss, you'll definitely need minoxidil as part of your daily routine, but what else should you do to achieve the best results? Here are a few tips to use in conjunction with your daily minoxidil dose!

1. Maintain overall health. Eat a healthy diet (if you aren't already), and start exercising. Overall body health is a great way to make sure that your body is bringing in and using all its nutrients, which is exactly what your hair needs. In addition, bringing your body up to speed with help distract others from your head as you grow in the new hair, which will boost confidence and your looks! It's a win-win. 

2. Style with camouflage, or not. You can go two ways with your current bald spot: either try to blend hair into the spot, or leave it be. If you have enough hair to brush over a small spot, then letting it fall over it can hide the spot well. However, comb overs over bigger spots are too obvious, so avoid it. Instead, wear a stylish hat or bandana that draws attention to your overall style, rather than your hair. 

3. Bring confidence. Insecurity is detrimental to not only your hair's health, but your overall sense of being. Be confident in your methods and continue to use Xandrox, instead of worrying about your bald spot constantly. The less you worry about it, the less attention will be drawn to it, and more people will read you as a secure, confident person, bald spot or not. 

Using Xandrox with these tips will not only give you new hair, but give you a new outlook on your looks. Don't fear hair loss or insecurity again--contact us for your Xandrox prescription today.