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Women and Hair Loss Issues and Treatments

hair lossWomen are almost as likely as men to lose their hair. Many women and hair loss issues begin at age 50, but they can occur at any age and for several different reasons. A list of some of the most common reasons for hair loss is below.

  • Physical stress can cause your hair to fall out. Your hair has a programmed life cycle which includes growth, rest and shedding phases. A stressful event can shock the cycle and push more of your hair into the shedding phase
  • A lack of protein in your diet may cause your body to stop hair growth
  • Androgenetic alopecia is genetic hair loss. You can inherit the gene from your mother’s or father’s side of the family. A dermatologist can examine the pattern of hair loss to determine if it is hereditary
  • Hypothyroidism can lead to hair loss. Your body produces too little thyroid hormone and this has an effect on hair growth
  • Scalp skin conditions can lead to balding. They include dandruff, fungal infections and psoriasis. All of them can make it difficult for your hair to grow
  • Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that can cause your immune system to attack hair follicles and lead to balding
  • Excessive styling and use of chemicals can cause hair loss. Sometimes a combination of treatments does a lot of damage.

You can use a product that is specially formulated for women to treat hair loss. It contains 2% Minoxidil Azelaic Acid Solution and comes with or without Propylene Glycol. This is an excellent hair regrowth tool to use as soon as you notice your hair is thinning.

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