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Women: Prevent Hair Loss Issues This New Year

hair loss"New Year, new you," is a common saying that many of us reflect on as we enter a new year. For some, that might mean a new exercise regime to help lose weight and become healthier, for others, it translates to a more productive work year. But for women with hair loss issues, it the phrase could really be turned to mean "New Year, old you," especially if you once had a healthy amount of hair on your head, and have started to go bald. What could get you on a path to your younger self with that fuller hair?

Starting with minoxidil based products is the key to returning your scalp to its younger self. With minoxidil, you can reactivate that hair follicles that have stopped growing. By supplying a boost of nutrients and proteins to your scalp with our special Xandrox formula, you can improve the hair growth on your head. The DHT blockers will help prevent the effects of hereditary hair loss from reaching your reactivated follicles as it grows new hair. Best of all, the hair that will grow will be extremely healthy, and blend in naturally with existing hair, masking any type of hair loss that you've undergone.

Start the year right and add minoxidil to your daily routine. You'll find that lush return to your head in a matter of weeks or months, giving you back your old self early in the new year. For more help with your hair and other hair loss issues, contact us.