Be Thankful With Xandrox and New Hair This Thanksgiving

12th Nov 2015

Be Thankful With Xandrox and New Hair This Thanksgiving

hair lossThanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the things you are thankful for in the past year, and many of our customers are thanking Xandrox for some wonderful hair growth results over their months of treatment. 

For those who have been using Xandrox for mover 3 months, many of our clients have seen great regrowth results, with hair growing back in areas that once held dormant follicles. Xandrox's minoxidil-based prescription had added nutrients and vitamins that are vital to healthy hair growth, while using a DHT blocker to help reduce the effects of   male patterned hereditary baldness.

For many men, this comes as a blessing after months or years of seeing their head lose its peak coverage, especially if their hair loss process started early for their age. Men ranging from their 20s to their 50s have been using Xandrox, and are seeing more and more growth daily. For some, that growth has boosted their self-esteem and confidence, especially among other men around their age, or in seeing their photos and profiles change over time. And for the yearly relatives that visit for the Thanksgiving occasion, seeing that change can be dramatic, leading to happy conversations and compliments.

If you haven't started Xandrox for your hair loss issues, contact us. We can help you get on the right path for growing your hair where it once was. And maybe next year, you'll be looking forward to a fuller head of hair while you sit at the front of your Thanksgiving dinner.