Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 3 Of the Best Hair Loss Products for Men

10th Dec 2015

Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 3 Of the Best Hair Loss Products for Men

hair lossAs part of our 2-part series, we're looking at some of the best hair loss products for men that you can put directly in your own holiday stocking, or give to someone else. By giving yourself these little trinkets, you'll be doing your hair a favor this holiday season.

1. Xandrox: It's important to give the gift that keeps on giving, and Xandrox is exactly the type of gift with this spirit. Our serum helps dormant hair follicles grow new hair, even after they have seemed to lose their ability for new growth. Our prescriptions come in 5%, 10%, and 15%, minoxidil doses, so you can choose the most effective dose for yourself or someone else, depending on their stage of hair loss.

2. Quality hair comb: It's time to throw out your dollar-store plastic comb and really get a quality one that will help your hair, if you're really serious about taking care of it. Look for handmade combs made from cellulose acetate or animal horn, because they are made with quality to ensure snag-free traits that appear in plastic combs. In addition, they look really nice, so treat yourself!

3. Hair paste: Like hair gels, pomades, or creams, a hair paste can help you style your hair, especially if you're hiding a bald spot while Xandrox works its magic. But unlike a hair gel or pomade, this type of hair styling product can help you style without a lot of stiffness. Pastes also tend to look less stiff and shiny, giving you a more effortless look without giving your styling away.

These are great gifts to give your hair, or even someone else's hair. Whether you package them all oTo learn more about hair care, contact us.