Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 3 Of the Best Hair Loss Products for Women [Part 1]

3rd Dec 2015

Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 3 Of the Best Hair Loss Products for Women [Part 1]

hair lossWith Christmas coming, it's hard to feel confident about your hair, especially if you're a woman experiencing hair loss. Why not fight back with your own gifts? Here are some of the 3 best hair loss products for women that you can easily add to your own--or someone you love--holiday stocking. 

1. Minoxodil-based Xandrox: The first thing you should drop into that stocking is a prescription of Xandrox. Xandrox helps women grow their hair by blocking the hormones that cause hair loss, while giving follicles fuel to grow new, healthy hair. By stopping the real root for hair loss, you'll be seeing hair growth well into the new year.

2. Hair oil: Hair oil can help you hair stay moist, remove the frizz, style it, and give it a healthy shine. The best hair oils , paired with minoxidil, will help give your hair some double duty working power when it comes to growth and health. There are many natural hair products that are hitting the market, and they are sure to be a great addition to your current hair care routine. 

3. Dry shampoo: One recommended way to keep your hair healthy and from falling out prematurely is to keep it moist. That's why we recommend not washing your hair as frequently with shampoo, because it tends to dry out hair and break it. Getting a dry shampoo however, will keep your hair clean, without drying it out. 

So give the gift of better hair growth this year, and buy some minoxidil or other listed products. Next week, we'll hit up some of the best hair products for men to add to your holiday gift basket. For more healthy hair tips, contact us.