Stop Balding: Hair Care Tips For Thick Haired Women

17th Dec 2015

Stop Balding: Hair Care Tips For Thick Haired Women

hair lossLast week, we covered some tops for women to stop balding with fine hair. But women with thicker hair have their own unique problems when it comes to hair care and balding. Here are a few tips that will help you anyone get the most out of their thick hair, even if your scalp is thinning.

1. Get a minoxidil-based solution for balding. The first step to stopping your bald spot is getting Xandrox for women. By applying the solution twice a day, you can help stop the growth of a bald spot or hair thinning. For women with thicker hair, bald spots can look very big once they grow out of control, so it's best to start as soon as you notice changes in your hair loss.

2. Buy a Tangle Teaser Detangling hairbrush. Paddle brushes and combs can exasperate your tangles, causing you to tug on your hair and weaken it at the scalp. To detangle your hair, buy a special detangling hairbrush, like the Tangle Teaser: it works like a charm with dry or wet hair, and it won't leave you with a mess of broken hair or pull out fragile hairs.

3. Get a shorter, lightweight cut. If you want to mask a bald spot as you use Xandrox, getting a shorter haircut will help keep your thick hair from weighing you down. A layered, mid-length cut will release any weight from your roots, giving it movement. With this type of cut, you'll get more mobility in your hair so that it can camouflage with others to cover a spot.

With these tips, you can make your thick hair work for you. For more hair care tips, contact us.