Stop Balding: Tips for Women With Fine Hair

10th Dec 2015

Stop Balding: Tips for Women With Fine Hair

hair lossFor women experiencing hair loss or balding, particular care needs to be taken in order to minimize the damage. But there are various types and textures to women's hair for each woman. So to stop balding, we should address the differences, in addition to giving broad, all-hair solutions. Here's our tips for better hair care and hair loss solutions for women with fine hair.

Washing: Fine haired heads actually mean that there's more hair follicles per square centimeter on the head that's growing. This is good news, because it can help balding women conceal their spots better. However, when it comes to looks, finer hair gets oily quicker, and needs help with volumizing. To give hair its best looks, wash hair every other day (using a dry shampoo at night in-between wet washes), with a volumizing shampoo.  

Styling: To cover spots and give your hair more oomph, use volumizing sprays and root lifters. This will give your hair more body, which will hide any thinning. 

Cutting: Because finer hairs are weaker, due to their naturally thinner structure, it's important to get a hair cut more frequently than someone with curly or thicker hair. To make your hair appear fuller, get light layers or a blunt cut, which helps add volume and make your hair look fuller. These types of cuts can also hide balding spots better by blending your hair in more, as you use your minoxidil solution regularly.

Tune in next time for our tips that will stop balding for women with curly hair. For more hair advice, contact us.