The Pros (and One Small Con) To Using Xandrox

26th Nov 2015

The Pros (and One Small Con) To Using Xandrox

hair lossAs a top product for men's and women's hair loss, Xandrox has its many pros as an effective hair loss treatment. But do its cons outweigh its benefits? We'll let you decide with our own pros and cons list!

The Pros:

  • It's a painless and non-invasive option for hair loss. In your research for hair loss treatments, you've probably seen all types of solutions like hair implants that require hair transplants or laser surgeries. While some of these treatments have minimal invasive or painful effects, it's still more than the topical approach Xandrox takes. 
  • It's super effective: As a minoxidil-based prescription, Xandrox has worked over and over for men with male patterned baldness. If the popularity of minoxidil-based treatments does not convince you, we know that doctors recommended it to patients when they don't want an invasive or extensive solution to cure their hair loss (such as laser treatments or surgeries).  In addition, the different amounts of minoxidil that we provide--2% for women, and 5%-15% for men--will treat different cases of hair loss with more effectiveness than a general minoxidil treatment that expects you to use 5% minoxidil during late stage hair loss. 
  • It's cheaper and comes with lower risk: Buying minoxidil is a lot cheaper than spending thousands of dollars on a surgery that might not promise results. Minoxidil's low-risk and low-cost makes it a better option to try before you decide to get something more expensive and risky. 
  • You can see results in less time: Some people begin to see the effects in as little as a month to three months, while other surgeries have you waiting until 3 to 4 months before you start to see any growth. 

And there's only one con we can really name:

  • It's only available online: You won't find Xandrox in the pharmacy down the street, which can be a hassle if you forget to order your next Xandrox prescription. So really, you just need to think ahead!

Really, Xandrox is your best bet when it comes to a hair loss treatment. To learn more about our products, contact us.