When It's Time To Stop Balding

5th Nov 2015

When It's Time To Stop Balding

hair lossMany men will undergo some stage of balding, especially as they age or see the results of genetic, hereditary baldness come into their life. Some of these same men might not blink an eye at their hair loss, but really, they are doing themselves a disservice. When is the best time to stop balding and start getting on track with growing your hair? We know a few reasons for you to get started on a minoxidil treatment.

1. When you first see the signs of hair loss. Instead of waiting around until you start seeing drastic hair loss, it's better to start sooner rather than later with a minoxidil based treatment. That way, most of your hair will grow back, without seeing a weird transitional phase on your head.

2. When you begin to feel your self-esteem wane. Many men look good with a shaved head, or as their hair thins out. But some men aren't so fortunate, with hair loss happening in a pattern that looks disheveled or undistinguished. It can be emotionally draining to notice your hair not looking great, or not feeling 100%. By starting Xandrox, you'll be gaining back more confidence in your looks, and therefore better self-esteem.

3. When you start getting comments about your hair loss or thinning. Whether it's your nagging wife or the daughter and son that's noticing your hair a little too closely, these comments can get annoying. Avoid it all by taking control of your hair with Xandrox, and get more positive comments afterward.

Overall, the earlier the better is a good rule of thumb when you are facing hair loss. To get all the benefits of Xandrox, contact us for your prescription today.