Women: Prevent Hair Loss With These Winter Tips

12th Nov 2015

Women: Prevent Hair Loss With These Winter Tips

hair lossWinter is a hard time for women's hair, due to the cold winds and dry air. For women with hair loss issues, it can be especially important to take good care of your hair in the upcoming winter months, especially if you climate zone calls for snow. Here are a few tips for women to winterize their hair for the best results.

1. Keep it covered. Wearing a hat or shawl to cover your head is especially important during the winter, because it will protect your hair from drying out due to cold winds, snow, and rain. To prevent the weird hat hair styles, cover your hair with a silk scarf: this will help cut down from rubbing static into your hair, as well as keep your hair loose from the tight fit of your beanie.

2. Keep up Your Xandrox Routine. Applying our specially formulated Xandrox prescription twice a day will help not only grow your hair, but keep new hair growth thick and healthy. This is especially important during the winter months, because your scalp is left vulnerable to the weather.

3. Deep condition it weekly, and use a humidifier. Moisture is key to keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Because your hair will be subjected to the dry heated air due to indoor heating, and the cold air outside, moisturizing your head with a deep conditioner every week will help your hair stay healthy and properly oiled. And to help maintain moisture in your house, consider using a humidifier, which will help moisten the air. Not only is it good for your hair, but also great for your nasal passages in the winter.

To get more out of Xandrox today, contact us. We'll be sure to help you find the product you need for the best hair experience.