Your Doctor's Preference: Prescription-Based Minoxidil

29th Oct 2015

Your Doctor's Preference: Prescription-Based Minoxidil

hair lossFor anyone experiencing hair loss, it usually starts with a conversation with a doctor. You first notice your hair loss when you see a drastic change in the amount of hair that's in the shower drain or the bathroom sink, and you want to confirm what the reasons might be behind it. Your doctor might help you find various conclusions, the most common being hereditary hair loss for men. Other reasons might include a lot of stress, or a diet lacking enough protein or other vitamins that are essential for hair growth. Ad while some of these fixes are easy--such as diet or relaxation--what happens when your hair loss is a result of genetics?

Your doctor is likely to recommend  prescription based minoxidil like Xandrox. Minodoxil-based solutions are the only proven drug that can fight hair loss topically, without expensive laser treatments or hair transplant surgery. It's a safe, easy-to-use serum that generates results for most men. Depending on the stage of hair loss, your doctor might recommend 5% minoxidil for when you first catch it, but 10% to 15% minoxidil when there's no reaction, or if you're farther along in your hair loss stages. 

With Xandrox, all you have to do is apply the serum twice a day, every day. The results can come in as little as a month, but for some, it might show up after 3 months. After using it, you'll see that once dormant hair follicles will begin to grow small hairs. After a period, you'll see that these strands are thick and healthy, making it easy to blend in with existing hair.

Don't forgo a Xandrox prescription, and contact us today to get started.