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Clinically Proven Hair Loss Solutions For Every Stage Of
Hair Loss. Find The Treatment That’s Right For You…

Don’t Conform To A One-Size-Fits-All Treatment.
Rely On Products Developed Specifically For Your Needs.

You can’t count on a “good for everyone” hair regrowth solution when you need specific treatment to experience success.

There is a reason that the majority of men (and even women) who go to the store and buy over the counter hair growth treatments never experience results. It’s because for the majority of people who are experiencing hair loss—people who are balding or completely bald—the 5% minoxidil solutions that you see in stores don’t work at all.

Xandrox.com products are available in minoxidil concentrations up to 15%. That’s three times the strength of over the counter treatments for three times the results!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve helped over 5,000 men and women find a hair loss solution that works. That said, we know how difficult it is to find something that actually works.

After trying other commercially available hair regrowth formulas only to be left disappointed, we understand why you might be skeptical of our solution. Give it a try risk-free with our 100% money back guarantee.

Order today and we will let you try Xandrox for a full two months. If you don’t experience the results you are looking for, no matter what stage of hair loss you are at, we will give 100% of your money back.

How Xandrox Works:

Xandrox uses the power of minoxidil in high concentrations combined with DHT blockers including retinol to stimulate hair growth. Our products don’t just cover up hair loss. They stimulate the growth of new hair and promote strengthening and thickening in existing hair follicles.

Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow and opening the potassium channels that tell your hair follicles to grow thick, healthy hair. DHT blockers prevent the release and update of dihydrotestosterone a hormone that is responsible for androgenetic alopecia—or inherited male pattern hair loss.

When combined, DHT blockers keep hair loss from advancing and minoxidil stimulates the growth of new hair.

Additionally, our high concentration formulations containing up to 15% minoxidil contain the highest potencies available on the market.

Choose The Product That’s Right For You.
For Men Or Women. At Every Stage Of Hair Loss.

We understand the needs of both men and women experiencing or expecting hair loss who are at any stage of the hair loss process. That’s why we’ve created formulas specifically for women and treatments that don’t contain DHT blockers.

Start treating hair loss today with one of our custom treatments.

Get started by looking at our lineup of products and concentrations. If you are in the late stages of hair loss, the 15% minoxidil solution is most effective. For women, our 2% formulation with niacin is ideal.

With Xandrox.com you have the ability to choose the ideal solution to solve your hair loss problems.

Take a look at all of the products we offer here http://www.xandrox.com/minoxidil-dht-blocker-xandrox/.