Protect Your Hair With Minoxidil During Winter

3rd Dec 2015

Protect Your Hair With Minoxidil During Winter

hair lossFor those with a history of male-patterned baldness in their family, hair loss  can be a stressful experience, especially if you are at the point where you're counting your hairs every morning, and trying to keep your scalp from thinning out even more. The winter time is especially hard on hair, given the cold weather that can dry out hair and shorten   the growth cycle. 

Here's where minoxidil should come in to your daily hair care, if it's not already part of your daily routine. Xandrox supports your hair with daily nutrients and supplements that encourage hair growth, while maintaining healthy hair. With the DHT-blockers, Xandrox helps combat the real reason for hair loss, which is a disrupted growth cycle on particular follicles, due to hormone changes. The added caffeine and retinol also boosts the power of the minoxidil to encourage growth in once-dormant hair follicles, which can help you actually grow new hair while retaining the current state of active follicles on your head. 

To make sue that your minoxidil-based prescription performs at its best, you should also remember to wear a hat in cold weather and use a quality conditioner. Both these items will keep your hair moist. Retaining the moisture is key for making sure your hair stays strong and not fragile, since fragile strands are more likely to break. 

Don't let those follicles go dormant this winter, since their hibernation could become permanent! Contact us to start your Xandrox formula, and get the most out of your hair today. You won't regret it.