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3 Best Hair Loss Tips and Products for Men

hair lossIt's typical for a man to experience hair loss as they age, either due to natural hair growth cycles or alopecia (male patterned baldness) caused by hereditary genes. But you don't have to accept baldness as your fate. Here are 3 ways to keep from going completely bald.

1. Use a Minoxidil-based product. If you have male patterned baldness, minoxidil is one of the few topical products that can help you retain your hair and even grow some. For men just starting to see thinning, using 2% or 5% minoxidil solution can help you retain your hair. Those who are experiencing rapid hair loss or are in later stages of their loss should consider 10% or even 15% minoxdil. In this event, Xandrox has the best hair loss products for men, as their formula's are tailored for men who are looking to stop any receding hair and grow new hair.

2. Eat well. Some hair loss and thinning is caused by a deficiency of important nutrients, such as B vitamins and proteins. By eating healthy, protein-rich foods like chicken and spinach, you can make your current hair look healthier, thicker, and shinier. 

3. Style it professionally. A good professional stylist can help you make what you currently have look fuller and healthier. While your stylist can't help you grow your hair, he or she can make sure that your hair and scalp stay healthy, and help you maintain a look that doesn't make your hair loss look obvious. In fact, the right stylist can almost make it look non-existent. 

You can save your hair and keep yourself from going bald, and it's best to start as soon as possible. For more hair loss solutions, contact us.