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3 Steps to Stop Balding for Men

hair lossWhether you are 30 or 60, men with alopecia will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. The key to maintaining a full set of hair, even once you begin balding, is to take proactive steps that slow down and stop balding. Here are 3 steps to take as  part of a successful routine to stop balding.

1. Begin today. The key to stop balding for men is to start early. This is especially important for men who have hereditary baldness. Taking action before you begin to lose your hair, or right when you start noticing hair loss, is paramount to ensuring a fuller head of hair. For those just beginning an early stage of hair loss or thinning, a 5%            minoxidil solution is the best way to keep your hair from falling out at a rapid rate. Minoxidil with DHT blockers will help stop your hair from thinning out, as well as improve the growth rate of your hair follicles. 

2. Stay healthy. Men can lose even more hair when they have nutritional deficiencies, in addition to their hereditary-based hair loss. Maintaining a healthy diet that is protein-rich plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy. In addition, a healthier head and mind will keep your body looking great and instill greater confidence, even as you lose hair.

3. Continue your minoxidil prescription. Many men who start a minoxidil-based treatment for their hair get great results, but stop their treatment once they have regrown new hair. However, they later realize that the same hair that has grown back from minoxidil begins to recede once they stop treatment. Therefore, if you want real, long-last results, you must apply your minoxidil solution daily once you start. If you are serious about maintaining a full head of hair, get serious with your prescription and stick to its instructions. 

You do not have to go bald completely, as long as you start early, stay healthy, and take minoxidil daily. To learn more about your minoxidil options for your hair, contact us.