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Hair Loss in Women--Could Your Health be at Risk?

Hair loss in women is an emotional subject; no woman wants to wake up with a pile of hair on her pillow, find clumps of hair falling out in the shower, and masses of hair in her hairbrush each day. In many ways, our society pushes hair as a part of a woman's attractiveness and allure. [...]

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5 Reasons to Use 10% Minoxidil Products

Having trouble finding the right minoxidil formula for your hair loss? It could be that you need a stronger dose of minoxidil, especially if you have been using prescriptions found in local drugstores. These formulas usually contain only 2-5% of minoxidil, which might not give you the results you need for a fuller head of [...]

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When 2% Minoxidil Products is More Than Enough

It can be very disconcerting to see the effects of hair loss or baldness on your head, especially as a woman. But, when you do begin to notice hair loss, it is important not to get ahead of yourself and take drastic measures to stop the growth of hair loss. For many women, 2% minoxidil products are the [...]

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Women: Prevent Hair Loss Issues This New Year

"New Year, new you," is a common saying that many of us reflect on as we enter a new year. For some, that might mean a new exercise regime to help lose weight and become healthier, for others, it translates to a more productive work year. But for women with hair loss issues, it the phrase [...]

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3 Ways to Care For Your Hair While Traveling

Traveling can be a taxing time for everyone, especially on the body. It can even be hard for your hair, especially if there's a drastic change in the atmosphere. For someone who is also trying to stop their hair loss with minoxidil-based hair loss products, being proactive with your hair care as you travel will help [...]

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Avoid Intentional Hair Loss and Combine It with the Best Hair Loss Products for Ideal Results

Most people who want to get their hair back after losing it start to look for the best hair loss products, which is an effective way to handle the situation. However, an alternative is to consider which products you currently use that cause hair loss, which you can stop using to avoid further loss. Understanding what [...]

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Stop Balding: Hair Care Tips For Thick Haired Women

Last week, we covered some tops for women to stop balding with fine hair. But women with thicker hair have their own unique problems when it comes to hair care and balding. Here are a few tips that will help you anyone get the most out of their thick hair, even if your scalp is thinning. 1. Get a [...]

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Stop Balding: Tips for Women With Fine Hair

For women experiencing hair loss or balding, particular care needs to be taken in order to minimize the damage. But there are various types and textures to women's hair for each woman. So to stop balding, we should address the differences, in addition to giving broad, all-hair solutions. Here's our tips for better hair care and hair [...]

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Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 3 Of the Best Hair Loss Products for Men

As part of our 2-part series, we're looking at some of the best hair loss products for men that you can put directly in your own holiday stocking, or give to someone else. By giving yourself these little trinkets, you'll be doing your hair a favor this holiday season. 1. Xandrox: It's important to give the gift that [...]

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Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 3 Of the Best Hair Loss Products for Women [Part 1]

With Christmas coming, it's hard to feel confident about your hair, especially if you're a woman experiencing hair loss. Why not fight back with your own gifts? Here are some of the 3 best hair loss products for women that you can easily add to your own--or someone you love--holiday stocking.  1. Minoxodil-based Xandrox: The first thing you [...]

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